UHF Apparel Tag

RFID Tagging in Fashion Apparel and footwear

NOAHCARD'S RFID solution for apparel,fashion and retail

RFID technology in apparel industry

RFID warehouse management systems for apparel retailers

 860MHz to 960MHz UHF Apparel Tag

Noahcard offers RFID Apparel Tags which are RFID tags that can be applied directly to various garments, blankets, towels, robes, etc. 


Laundry tags which can be found on the inside of garments

Hang tags which are used to price items.Hang tags for Apparel which using RFID are ideal for tracking where surfaces prevent direct attachment of the tag. They can be attached by other means such as plastic ties rather than adhesive. We make hang tags in various kinds & sizes. They work great for asset tracking and work-in-process.

RFID EAS tags which prevent theft, encapsulated woven tags, plastic encapsulated tags

RFID labels which come with a special adhesive that will not damage clothing.


Retailers are using RFID tags at the item level. They are being used for asset tracking and inventory management. The tags can be read by a hand held RFID reader / scanner.


Our RFID Apparel Tags are available in both HF and UHF frequencies and allow for easy asset tracking in many industries including the hospitality, retail, garment, and healthcare industries. 


Noahcard’s RFID Apparel Tag portfolio can help track inventory, create an improved in-store shopping experience for customers, and enhance supply chain operations.

NOAHCARD RFID Apparel Tags are also customizable using a variety of printing processes including offset, rotary, thermal, and digital. We can meet the needs of almost any application with our RFID Apparel Tag portfolio which includes encapsulated woven tags, plastic tags, garment care labels, self adhesive labels, and many more.


Main features:

●  Small size and light weight

●   High perfornance NXP UCODE G2XM,UCODE 7/ Impinj M4QT,Monza R6/Alien H3,H4 chip

●   EAS function

●   High security: UID, write protection, EAS

●   Multiple tags operation allowed

●   Advanced RFID tag production technology ensured outstanding quality

●   Green products, ROHS, SGS compliance


Technical Specifications:

Frequency :860~ 960 Mhz

Protocol :ISO18000-6C & EPC global Class I Gen 2

Memory:NXP UCODE G2XM,UCODE 7/ Impinj M4QT,Monza R6/Alien H3,H4 chip








512 bit

128 bit

512 bit

512 bit




96 bit

128 bit

256 bit

128 bit

96 bit

128 bit


96 bit

64 bit

96 bit

64 bit

48 bit

96 bit

Read range:more than 2.0M

Date retention:100000 cycles

Inlay Material:PET+AL

Outer Material: Paper /Fabric/Silicon

Size: 80*55 mm(customerized)

Antenna size:50*30mm

Operating Temp:-40℃-85℃

Storage Temp:-5℃-30℃



  • Inventory management

    • Items on the sales floor and stock room

    • Faster inventory with simplicity

    • Accuracy of inventory

  • Stocking of shelves

    • Know what kind & size of clothing is missing

  • Loss Prevention

    • Reduce theft