About US

Shenzhen NOAHCARD Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of RFID tags, providing the world's leading UHF and HF RFID tags. According to customer requirements, provide complete production and manufacturing of RFID tags such as antenna design and production, chip (packaging), compounding, personalized data writing, encoding and packaging. The company introduces German Muehlbauer DDA 40000, RFID professional compounding equipment, voyantic detector and other professional production equipment. Provide the world's leading RFID tag products in the fields of warehouse management, retail industry, shoe and clothing inventory, intelligent library, jewelry management, vehicle management and so on.


High productivity

Germany's new leopard DDA series packaging equipment has world-class patented technology, higher output and simpler production process. DDA equipment has realized the production advantage of high production capacity.

Low price

We adhere to the management and business philosophy of "customer first", adhere to the principle of "customer first", and always adhere to providing customers with high-quality products and services at high-quality prices.


The company has established a professional and complete RFID detection laboratory and has professional equipment such as Finland voyantic detector to provide customers with high-quality services and products.


According to the different needs of customers, we provide professional OEM / ODM product development.


According to different application fields of RFID electronic tag, products include: footwear RFID electronic tag, RFID woven Mark electronic tag, RFID tag electronic tag, RFID washing mark electronic tag, RFID laundry electronic tag, RFID jewelry electronic tag, RFID windshield tag, EAS anti-theft electronic tag, RFID meter electronic tag and RFID asset management tag.

The core competitiveness of Noah intelligence (nfnoah) comes from helping customers solve problems. Customer satisfaction is our pursuit!