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Product details

NY-401 7015 Laundry label

l  UHF laundry label, over 200 times of industrial washing life.

l  It can withstand 60 Bars pressure and has stable and reliable RF performance.

l  The same label can be applied to global frequency requirements (including Europe, America and China);

l  Quality assurance 200 times of industrial washing;

Compared with the similar size washing labels in the world, this product has excellent reading distance and reliable performance.



UHF   RFID Laundry Label 70*15mm



Operating Frequency: Global (860 - 960MHz)

RF Protocol: ISO-18000-6C, EPC Class 1,   Gen 2

EPC Memory: 96 bits User 32bits

Read and write:yes

Data storage: 20 years

Service life: 200 industrial washes


Storage temperature: -40℃~ +85 ℃

Service temperature:

1)        wash:   90℃(194οF), 15M, 200 times

2)        High   temperature pre-drying: 180(320οF), 30M,200 times

3)        Ironing:   180(356οF), 10 seconds, 200 times

4)        High-temperature   sterilization: 135℃(275οF), 20M,200 times

Peak compression: 60 bars

Installation: sewing   installation or installation with

marking   sleeve



l  Achieve and exceed 200 times of industrial washing life

l  All materials and designs have been verified by reliability and application

l  100% power verification and write verification before shipment

Main features:

l  can be customized according to customer requirements

l  Soft, not harmful to textiles, feel good

l  Chip size is one of the smallest in the international market

l  Can withstand 60 Bars pressure

l  It is one of the few pre-drying processes in the global market that can withstand 180 degrees, 30 minutes and 200 times.

l  Impinj MR6-P chip, with spectrum modulation function, can achieve excellent group reading performance through reader and software optimization in system application.


l  Industrial washing

l  Straw rental

l  Style garment management and washing

l  Hospital linen and washing

l  Military clothing management

l  Railway cloth management and washing