RFID Care Label

 860MHz to 960MHz UHF Fabric Tag

The RFID tags will be embedded into the garment-care labels that retail company sews into its clothing.

NY-FM101 is a fabric type UHF tags that is sewed on clothing. Worked at frequency of 860~ 960 MHZ with RFID chip embedded, this type of tags can store certain amount of information and be identified at 2~5 meter distance. This tag mainly used for apparel inventory, tracking and anti-fake. 

Noahcard’s Clothing Fabric tag is a high performance UHF RFID tags, which worked at 860~ 960 Mhz  with worldwide UHF supported. This type of UHF tags is specialized for Clothing identification and tracking


Main features:

●  Small size and light weight

•  Contactless interface with read distance up to 5 meter

●   High perfornance NXP UCODE G2XM,UCODE 7/ Impinj M4QT,Monza R6/Alien H3,H4 chip

●  Up to 512 bits user memory for self-programming

  High security features like TID, Password, EAS

●   Advanced RFID tag production technology ensured outstanding quality

●   Green products, ROHS, SGS compliance

●  ISO9001 Quality control system just for quality


Technical Specifications:

Frequency :860~ 960 Mhz

Protocol :ISO18000-6C & EPC global Class I Gen 2

Memory:NXP UCODE G2XM,UCODE 7/ Impinj M4QT,Monza R6/Alien H3,H4 chip








512 bit

128 bit

512 bit

512 bit




96 bit

128 bit

256 bit

128 bit

96 bit

128 bit


96 bit

64 bit

96 bit

64 bit

48 bit

96 bit




Read range: 2.0- 5.0M

Date retention:100000 cycles

Inlay Material:PET+AL

Outer Material: Fabric

Size: 75 mm x 45 mm(customerized)

Antenna size:50*30mm

Operating Temp:-40-85

Storage Temp:-5-30

Printing:Flexographic printing with eco-friendly inks, color fastness : 4~ 5 degree

Personalization:Barcode, QR code, Serial number




RFID clothing tags in textile industry

Price label in retails

Identification label