UHF RFID jewelry tag

 860MHz to 960MHz UHF Jewelry Tag

This UHF RFID Jewelry tag is specially designed to enable automatic jewelry tracking in retail,wholesale or secured storage applications.

This UHF Gen 2 RFID jewellery tag features a small size,light weight and ROHS compliance.It is also compliant with ISO-18000-6C standard.This high performance RFID tag is specially designed for applications including jewellery tagging,inventory management and asset tracking.It has a large memory capacity of 512 bits for data storage.It also provides a long reading distance of up to 2.0 meters with Impinj Monza R6 / NXP UCODE 7 chip.

Noahcard’s jewelry tag is a high performance UHF RFID tags, which worked at 860~ 960 Mhz  with worldwide UHF supported. This type of UHF tags is specialized for jewelry identification and tracking


Main features:

●  Small size and light weight

●   High perfornance NXP UCODE G2XM,UCODE 7/ Impinj M4QT,Monza R6/Alien H3,H4 chip

●   EAS function, which would alarm if jewelry illegally taken out

●   High security: UID, write protection, EAS

●   Multiple tags operation allowed

●   Advanced RFID tag production technology ensured outstanding quality

●   Green products, ROHS, SGS compliance


Technical Specifications:

Frequency :860~ 960 Mhz

Protocol :ISO18000-6C & EPC global Class I Gen 2

Memory:NXP UCODE G2XM,UCODE 7/ Impinj M4QT,Monza R6/Alien H3,H4 chip








512 bit

128 bit

512 bit

512 bit




96 bit

128 bit

256 bit

128 bit

96 bit

128 bit


96 bit

64 bit

96 bit

64 bit

48 bit

96 bit

Read range:more than 2.0M

Date retention:100000 cycles

Inlay Material:PET+AL

Outer Material: Copper paper /PET

Size: 100mm x 14 mm(customerized)

Antenna size:70*12mm

Operating Temp:-40-85

Storage Temp:-5-30



1. Anti-theft and anti-counterfeit

Jewelry has the only ID, and the information of the jewelry certificate can be recorded on the tag, such as Weight, purity, grade, warehouse, cargo area and shelves.

2,Quick inventory

User feedback is as follows:

After using the RFID Jewelry management system, the inventory time from 4 days reduced to 0.5 days for 6000 jewelries.


It makes the data of jewelry inventory more accurate, reduces the rate of jewelry loss

4,Automatic sale management

Automatically identify the number of shelves jewelry with excellent performance, reflect sales in real time.Facilitate management planning, data mining and decision support