NXP UCODE 8 Hangtag


Dimensions   115*45mm

Operating Frequency   Global (860 - 960 MHz)

RF Protocol   ISO-18000-6CEPC Class 1Gen 2

    Chip     NXP UCODE 8

EPC Memory   128 bit

TID Memo        96-bit Tag IDentifier (TID) factory locked

48-bit unique serial number factory-encoded into TID

Common Applications



Supply ChainInventory and Logistics

Home Essentials



Format                                                     paper label

Antenna dimensions                                115*45mm

Max Read Distance                                  >6.1m(20ft)



RFNOAH RFID Hangtag are one of the best global RFID tags for retail applications that can easily be converted into end-applications usage. Featuring the NXP UCODE 8 IC chip, this hangtag offers an automatic adjustment function, which optimizes the chip’s sensitivity to gain maximum performance in different environments. This optimization is performed at startup and is enabled in the default chip configuration as delivered by NXP. Furthermore, the chip has an integrated Brand Identifier function to prove product authenticity, and a memory safeguard system to protect business data.


Ideally suited for retail applications, NOAHCRD RFID Hangtags are the best tags with global performance currently available on the market that have passed ARC categories A, B, C, D, F, G, I, K, M and Q.


·        Compact size (115*45mm).

·        Allows easy conversion for end-application usage.

·        Compliant with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management,

·        Automatic self adjust feature: maximizes product performance in challenging environments.

·        Integrated Brand Identifier function to prove product authenticity.

·        Common applications: brand protection, industry, product authentication, retail, and supply chain management.